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Dongyang China Woodcarvings City is located in the “Chinese Woodcarving Capital” -- Dongyang, Zhejiang,covering a construction area of 410,000 m2. Since its upgrade in 2009, Dongyang China Woodcarvings City has become the biggest wholesale market of wooden crafts and woodcarving (rosewood) furniture. In 2011, the turnover reached 11.8 billion.
Dongyang China Woodcarvings City brings thousands of famous factories together including the national “Four Famous Carvings”, whose products cover the field of woodcarvings, root carvings, woodcarving (rosewood) furniture, antique-style doors and windows, bamboo weavings and bamboo carvings, wood and bamboo craft tourist souvenirs and gifts. Its sales network expands to not only the secondary wholesale market of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of our country, but also other countries and regions like Japan,Korea and Southeast Asia.

China Woodcarvings

Chinese people have loved wood deeply since the ancient times. They not only love wood, but also are good at carving wood. Chinese woodcarving is various and diverse, and even marvelous. The museum is divided into five theme exhibition halls: Chinese woodcarving history exhibition hall, Woodcarving and social life exhibition hall, Master exhibition

Chinese Wood Sculptures
Civilization Expo City

Dongyang Chinese Wood Sculptures Civilization Expo City project is a key construction project of Zhejiang Province and a “Zheshang Return” project involved seven well-known Zhejiang enterprises including Fosun Group, Forchn Holding Group, Neoglory Group,Alibaba, Meters/bonwe Group, Shanshan Group and Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co.,Ltd.,

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